Bring your container to our store and we refill them. We also have containers available for sale.  If you forgot your container and prefer not to buy, we have used containers available in our community bin. WE tare, fill, then reweigh your filled container so you only pay for the content. This is a great way to REDUCE the use PLASTIC CONTAINERS which are piling up on the landfill everyday! Refills are sold with a minimum purchase of 100 grams or milliliters.


Browse through our refillables and select items you want refilled. Email us your orders at with the following details: NAME, ADDRESS, CELPHONE No.,  PRODUCT NAME, BRAND and Scent, Amount of refills( refills are sold in 100ml/g increment. Should you require special instructions for drop-offs, please indicate them as well. We will send you a confirmation of  receipt along with your invoice. We can only accept cash for this service. You don't need to be home when we come for delivery, just have your containers ready with your payment  at your doorstep before 10am.  Any special instructions for drop off, just indicate them in the refill form or shoot us a message. WE DELIVER EVERY MONDAY.  CUT OFF time  for order is 7pm Sundays. Orders received after the cut off time will be delivered the following week.


Check our FACEBOOK PAGE for our POP UP DAYS. We will be selling refills by grams, or milliliters, NO required amount of product to purchase. Just bring your containers and we'll fill them up. We tare, fill, and reweigh your container. The weight difference is the amount of product you get and pay! EASY PEASY!


Free ON PURCHASES of at least 35$ TO GANDER AREAS only. We deliver every Monday from 10am to 6pm. All orders for delivery MUST be received not later than 7pm Sundays before delivery day. Orders placed after cut-off time will be delivered the following week.


We only ship prepackaged products and NON-LIQUID REFILLABLES with a minimum PURCHASE of 35$.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on purchases over 100$ before taxes.

PLEASE note that we  are not liable for any missing, damaged or stolen parcels or orders sent to the incorrect address. All packages are tracked and insured up to $100.00 CAD with Canada Post.